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CIE Spanish School focus on giving our students a great experience full of culture, tourism, and fun, mixed with Spanish learning. We receive students from all over the world in our Strategic location in the heart of Medellin in Poblado close to parquet Lleras, where 80% of the hostels and hotels are and where the night life is. The other location is in Envigado in a very tranquil place where you can interact with more locals studying other languages; you can choose to study Spanish in one or the other location weekly, to have a different experience with no extra cost.
Let us give you the best Spanish learning experience focus on the Colombian Spanish conversation and culture and let us take care of whatever you need to feel comfortable and welcome in our city. We are ready to help you with whatever you choose for classes, accommodation, transportation, insurance, transfer to the airport, activities you want to do during your stay and excursions.

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full interaction with culture

Why·Us? Why to study with us?

  • We have two locations where you can study, meet different people, interact with locals
    Our Poblado location has a pool and hammocks where you can relax after class
    All teachers are natives, licenced and with minimum experience of 3 years.
    Materials and copies are included.
    We have 20 fully equipped classrooms.
  • We have free language exchange activities and free cultural activities such as Colombian movies, fruit tasting, and Colombian gourmet coffee tasting.
    We have 8 fully equipped classrooms.
    You can stay at the school before or after class sharing with local students.
    Groups of maximum 7 students.
    Free Colombian coffee all the time, free exotic fruit tasting, free Latin movie night.
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CoursesFind Your Spanish Course

Survival Spanish class

If your trip is quick, the best option is taking up the survival Spanish class, a specially designed class for travelers to survive any kind of situations: at the airport, supermarket, give and ask for directions, recommendations around the city, things to do, and the most commonly used words so that you can make the most of your trip. 3 hours survival spanish class + Colombian snack $100.000 pesos.

Interactive Spanish lessons

Intensive combo Course

Study Spanish 20 hours per week plus 4 hours of private lessons to boost your learning process.

This program Includes:
20 hours of Spanish group classes plus 4 hours of private lessons.
+Unlimited Colombian coffee
+Free Exotic fruit tasting
+1 welcoming traditional lunch.
+Colombian snacks every day.
+1 free salsa dance lesson.

$695.000 pesos peer week

Book and pay 50 USD upfront to secure a 10% discount

Spanish city immersion

Interact with the city while you learn Spanish in a city tour, with specially designed activities that encourage you to practice what you learn. This program includes: accommodation (Monday to Sunday) with a local family in Medellin, a private room, a shared bathroom and one meal (breakfast or dinner Monday to Friday) you can use the laundry and the kitchen, there is also room in the fridge for your groceries.
This program Includes:
20 hours of Spanish group classes...........$525.000 pesos
Home stay per week (Monday to Sunday)...........$550.000 pesos.
Unlimited Colombian coffee
Free Exotic fruit tasting
1 welcoming traditional lunch.
Colombian snacks every day.
1 free salsa dance lesson.
Total: $1.085.000 pesos per week

If you want private bathroom, or home stay for less than 7 days that is also possible to arrange. Please ask us for your quote.

Interactive Program

Study Spanish 20 hours per week, 3 classes at the School, 2 in the city; transportation to and from interactive activities throughout the city, such as sightseeing at Plaza de Botero, asking for directions, or ordering food at a restaurant or from one of the street vendors, basically anything you’d encounter during a day in Medellin but with the company of a teacher and other students.
20 hours of Spanish group classes...........$525.000 pesos
Transportation, snacks and city activities...........$155.000 pesos.
Total: $680.000 pesos per week.

Book and pay 50 USD upfront to secure a 10% discount

Private Spanish lessons

You also have the option to study Spanish before traveling to Latin America so you already have a feel for the language upon your arrival, or even if you just don’t plan to travel you can take Spanish lessons with us, we offer a 10 hours per week, or a 5 hours per week for the ones that don’t have much time:

Private Courses:

Skype Standard lessons (10 hours per week)...........475.000 pesos per week

Skype 5 (5 hours per week) ..........240.000 pesos per week

Studying one on one is the best way to learn Spanish, the instructor can focus on your needs for the language and your progress is going to be notable.
Also you are going to be able to ask for topics of your interest and the teacher can manage the program with your interest too.

Cost per hour is $54.000 pesos at the School and $57.000 pesos at your place in Medellin.

Private Courses:

Private intensive (20 hours per week)...........1.080.000 pesos per week
Private Standard (10 hours per week) ..........540.000 pesos per week

¡¡Upgrade your learning experience!!

You can mix any of the courses above with great experiences that you can also find with us, things like yoga classes, dancing classes (salsa, merengue, reggaeton or vallenato), volunteer or Spanish classes with specific means (business in Colombia, Colombian culture, medical or legal language) Tejo national sport.

Business in Colombia, medical or legal language, these courses center around essential words and phrases used in the topic of your choice, for any of the courses above, just add: 300,000 pesos per week

Yoga or Latin dance, you can custom how many classes you want to take per week, for each class add: $60.000 pesos

Colombian culture or Volunteer, this includes 4 hours of Colombian culture or volunteer per week; add to any course: 80.000 pesos per week.

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CIE Spanish School gave me an incredible experience and a remarkable introduction to the wonderful people and culture of Medellin. I am so glad I had the opportunity.

Student CIE

This 4 hours per day class was exactly what I needed to help me navigate in a Spanish speaking community. I am now able to hear many more words when people speak to me. I can also read and start to understand the primary direction of the article.

Blaine Harrison
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