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I Was Not Kidnapped

Buenas tardes. Yo me llamo Phyl y soy de los Estados Unidos. Mucho gusto y bienvenido a la conferencia de Live and Invest Overseas en Medellin...

Now I'll speak to you in my first language.

I am a survivor. I survived four weeks of homestay, living with the most wonderful paisa family and attending an immersion Spanish school in Envigado, outside Medellin. I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I would encourage every one of you who want to learn Spanish—do it.

I knew absolutely nothing about the school before I got to Medellin. There was a flyer in the desk of the hotel where I was staying. I contacted the owner, Lucas, and he said, "I'm coming to fetch you to show you the school."


Testimonial from Blaine Harrison

I just completed 80 hours of private intensive Spanish lessons with CIE Spanish School.

This 4 hours per day class was exactly what I needed to help me navigate in a Spanish speaking community. I am now able to hear many more words when people speak to me. I can also read and start to understand the primary direction of the article.


CIE Supports Medellin Living fundraiser with Mahavir Kmina

So, we already said we're grateful for the Medellin Living story. Now we're going to prove it by donating a free two-hour Spanish class as part of Medellin Living's latest event.

The great blog is having a fundraiser thursday night to help pay for prosthetic limbs for children who have lost arms and legs to guerilla land mines.


I Think We've Told You About the Christmas Lights in Medellín

It seems like everyone is taking notice of the Christmas lights in Medellín, what is known here as the alumbrado. Local friends of ours have said this year is the best display they've ever seen.

It's hard for us to say, because they are so beautiful every year and this year is no different. So why not enjoy the lights during a chiva tour, compliments of Centro Interactivo de Español?


Did You Know...

Did you know that the mainstream new often gets things wrong about Colombia? That they often exaggerate?

Did you know Colombia is one of the happiest places in the world?


Back to School

By now classes have started in almost every school and university. Are you back to school yet?

We've started classes at CIE and have a handful of foreigners who chose our homestay option. You should do the same, and here's why:


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