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The First American BBQ

Delicious food. Lots of people. And a cultural exchange.

We believe that those were the ingredients for success at the first American BBQ we had last week for Centro Interactivo de Español and Idiomizar, the sister language schools that serve both Colombians and foreigners in Medellín.


Pacific Alliance Workshop Starts in Colombia

Representatives from Chile, Mexico and Peru arrived this week for a workshop aimed at boosting commerce among the Latin American nations.

The workshop starts today in Manizales, a city in the coffee region where the people are paisas, like the people in Medellín. And it is in Medellín where you can learn about the paisa culture and Spanish language.


Learn to Speak Colombian

Spanish is spoken differently in every Latin American country. At CIE you can learn to speak Colombian, and we can definitely teach to speak paisa.

This article touches on Spanish in Colombia but we can teach you so much more.


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